About Henri's

Henri's is a Sass toolbelt as we call it. That means, that Henri's is a framework, which is implementable but doesn't do your work for you, it helps you do your work.

Unlike many other Sass frameworks, Henri's doesn't give you any styling by default, because every project or brand is unique. Henri's doesn't enforce any style. No website or project should look the same, especially not like a project for a company, because it should look like a project of your company.

Ofcourse you can overrule everything, but let's start with a clean slate! Keep it minimal and keep the fun in styling things yourself.

A little piece of history

A few years ago, there was a guy who was a frontend developer at a small company called Matise. At this company they were developing websites, little apps and other web related things. For the websites, as a basis they were using Foundation. Which did it's job pretty well, but had a few flaws. Foundation was also really big and because we didn't use most of it, we just turned off most of the packages except for the Grid.

Foundation was missing things which we were using a lot of other functionality, so every new project had a folder being copied over and over with some extra mixins and functions. This folder became a bigger folder, with its own grid and grew out be a full replacement for Foundation. Called "Matise stack".

To make it stand more on itself, Matise stack grew out to be called "Henri's". After the first name of the painter with a similar looking name as the company Henri's was developed at/for. Matise.

About this website

This website, the "marketing" website of Henri's is build using all kind of tools and services.

These are tools we love, and would love you to use them too! Or atleast check them out.

Netlify logo


We use Netlify for easy and fast deployments and hosting. Netlify basic is free and works, like it should!

Vue logo


Besides Sass, we love Vue, Vue is cool!

Nuxt logo


Nuxt makes it super easy to create a website or app with routing, ssr and everything.

Guyn logo


Guyn Gives us a easy to implement and use colorset.



Henri's has been in the works for a long time. Over the years many people have contributed but main things are happening now by the following people;


Sil van Diepen

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Louis Foulet


Maurits Meester

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Dennis Spierenburg


Wanna help and become a contributor? Check us out