Why you should use henri's..

There are several reasons why you should want to use Henri's and here you'll find some of them.

You are a frontend developer with love for CSS

Other frameworks give you a lot of tools and classes and already styled components. While the most fun in actually making something is to make something. Not to click everything together with the right classes and make something which looks like many other projects.

It's lightweight

The basics of henri's is really light weight, in fact.. adding it into your project doesn't cost you anything size wise. You can add components and other styling as you go to not bloat your project.

The fact that it doesn't have any output, means you could for instance add henri's to your main css, with some output if you want. And add it still to all other components (like in Vue), where you can use all functionalities of Henri's without adding any extra or double weight.

You have a math problem

Henri's comes with a whole Math library of functions. So if you like to to experimental stuff with your Sass, Henri's is your go to!

You are using Foundation

Well, if you are using foundation for it's components and styling, please keep using it! It's great for that. If you are just using it for the grid, henri's can help you out too!